Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In The Beginning

Dear Cadee,

Once upon a time, your Mommy and Daddy loved each other very much, and lived together as husband and wife. Alas, they were both very young, and after a while, they began to quarrel, and finally went their separate ways. A short time later, Mommy told Daddy that she was carrying his child. Daddy was ecstatic, and could barely wait for the day you would be born. However, he was still unable to bring himself to move back into the same house as Mommy, because their constant quarreling would not be good for the child (you), that Mommy was carrying inside of her.

Grumpy and I were also very excited to become grandparents for the first time, and looked forward to meeting you for the first time. We learned of the good news in June, 2008. Mommy told us you were expected to arrive on February 28, 2009. In December 2008, we watched in wonder as you squirmed inside Mommy's womb, when she had an ultrasound done. We learned that you were going to be a little girl, and were tickled pink. I also remember thinking you looked a little bit small for a baby who was due to arrive in a few months, and then thought this was just the way the image looked on screen.

Look how perfect your little feet were
February 28 came and went, and you did not arrive. Babies are often a little bit late. Another week went by, and still you did not arrive. Wow, we were getting so excited to meet you. A second week went by, and we continued to wait excitedly. A third week went by, and you were still snuggled inside your Mommy. I was very concerned, because babies are not meant to cook for that long, and the doctors usually give a mommy medicine to help the baby arrive safely at this point.  Finally, on March 25, almost a month later, we learned Mommy had gone to the hospital, and you were born that evening, with Daddy by your Mommy's side.

I couldn't wait to go and meet you the next morning. I expected to meet a chubby, wrinkly little baby, with dry, cracked skin, and very long fingernails. You see, I am a nurse, and have helped deliver many babies, and this is how they look when they've been snuggled inside their mommies for too long. But you didn't have any of those features. You were perfect, just perfect. You were not overly chubby, and your skin was so soft and smooth. You were not over cooked at all. In fact, you looked like you had arrived a week or two early. Did I mention you were absolutely perfect! I'm still not sure why the dates were so mixed up.  Perhaps Mommy can answer that for you.

Here you are meeting Nan and Aunty Dez for the first time in the hospital. And there's Grumpy holding you when you came to visit us at home one time.

Here's Daddy holding you when you first came home from the hospital - you can see he is full of love for you

Look how your tiny little head fits perfectly into Daddy's hand
Love you forever,
Nan xx